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Org-roam: Automatically Set Node Created and Modified Dates  
Enhancing Org-roam nodes with auto-updating created and modified properties.

Connecting consult-line with isearch history  
Adding the latest consult-line search term to isearch history for easy search continuation

A list of the best bug write-ups I've read  
A modest list of interesting blog posts I've come across containing tech mystery stories exploring how a bug or mistake or other problem came about, how it was discovered, how it was fixed, and maybe some lessons to learn.

Snyk Language Server in Emacs
Setting up the Snyk Language Server for use in Emacs by defining a custom server connection in LSP Mode

Some favorite lesser-known Emacs packages  
A few of my favorite lesser-known Emacs packages which don't usually make the top lists

Overriding project.el project root in Emacs  
A short function to override what project.el thinks your project root is with a hidden file

Halfway on Main: Thoughts on Clean Architecture
Uncle Bob ignores his own advice when considering the "Main" component, but we can improve on his thoughts and learn from them

Remove (deinit) a Git submodule
A quick reminder of how to remove a Git submodule, because I always forget

Fix Steam 'Corrupt Update Files'
How to fix the annoying error when downloading or updating some Steam games, which reports the error 'Corrupt Update Files'

Automatically add Jira issue to commit message from branch name
When your git branch name contains an issue number (e.g. from Jira), automatically format git commit messages with the issue number at the end

A Known SSH Socket for Tmux
Using a known, shared SSH socket to enable agent forwarding through an existing tmux session

ClearNight Retro
Introducing a new dark, relaxed retro theme for the Atom text editor

I successfully compiled the xmr-stak miner with CUDA
After many errors and failures, I found a method to successfully compile the xmr-stak unified XMR miner with CUDA support

Remove an element from an Array in Javascript
A new Javascript function to remove any element from an Array in an intuitive way, with support for negative indexing.

What's new in ECMAScript 2017
Two years ago, ES6 gave a massive update to the already powerful ECMAScript standard. This year's release, ECMAScript 2017, provides several new features and changes. Let's take a look.

Duplicate IDs in HTML: What would happen?
Duplicated IDs occur both intentionally and not, so what happens when a browser tries to render them?

Set DuckDuckGo as default search in Thunderbird
For several dwindling reasons, DuckDuckGo can still be tricky to add to some services despite being the default search engine for several browsers. A couple years ago, Mozilla broke the old method of adding DuckDuckGo to the settings. They neglected to update their documentation, so here's a little for you.

Coding a website from scratch — a timelapse
Jade creates a simple website from scratch using the Bootstrap framework.

Combine multiple Excel workbooks into sheets in a single workbook
A quick VBA subroutine for combining multiple Excel workbooks into a single workbook, making ingestion into Tableau easier.

Protonmail - Why I switched and you should too
ProtonMail is the world’s largest, most user-friendly open source secure email service, developed by CERN and MIT scientists and protected under Swiss privacy law. It brings email privacy back to the people while still maintaining a fantastic user experience characteristic of the first-class email service it is.

Switch Caps Lock and Escape (Linux)
The standard QWERTY keyboard is great in a lot of ways and for a lot of uses. My current keyboard has been with me for years and I know it well, but if I could change the locations of a couple keys, I would. And naturally, that's what I did.